bmw door lock striker cover

Short Description

- Simple installation.

- Fit most models from 2003.
- Avoid oxidation.

Material : ABS.

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BMW Door Lock Striker Cover

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Door Lock Striker Cover for BMW

Oxidation is the major killer to metal, the reaper for unprotected metal! While visible exterior of your BMW is protected by glossy paint and interior is being pampered, there’s the DOOR STRIKER that sits between both, more than likely being neglected. It is one of the parts that could rot to its death in front of your eyes yet, goes un-noticed. The Door Striker Cover showing here covers up the lock plate and the striker, avoiding elements in rain and water splashes directly contacting the bare metal parts mentioned.

 Product Advantage

  • Easy Installation.
  • Avoid oxidation.
  • Durable, super long lasting.

Package Includes

  • 4 pcs door lock strike cover.

 Installtion tips

For new BMW:
If your car is reasonably new and been taken cared of where oxidation is not too sever, simply place the cover onto the lock plate. (Some WD40s wiping prior installation would definitely do no harm.)

For older BMW:
If your car hasn’t really been taken cared of with sever oxidation, you are strongly advised to scrub it off with a very fine sand paper with warm water and some domestic agents. Otherwise, you can too just install the cover as camo; if you don’t see it, its not there.


The Door Striker Cover would fit most models from 2003, EXCEPT E53 X5 / E46 3 Series / E81 E87 1 Series / E85 E86 Z4.

BMW 1er E82 Coupe Pre-LCI (2007-2010)
BMW 1er E82 Coupe LCI (2011-2013)
BMW 1er E88 Convertible Pre-LCI (2007-2010)
BMW 1er E88 Convertible LCI (2011-2013)
BMW 3er E90 Sedan / E91 Touring LCI (2009-2011)
BMW 3er E90 Sedan / E91 Touring Pre-LCI (2005-2008)
BMW 3er ____________
BMW 3er ----
BMW 3er E92 Coupe / E93 Convertible Pre-LCI (2006-2009)
BMW 3er E92 Coupe / E93 Convertible LCI (2010-2013)
BMW 3er _____________
BMW 3er ______________
BMW 3er F30 Sedan / F31 Touring Pre-LCI (2012-2015)
BMW 5er E60 Sedan / E61 Touring Pre-LCI (2002-2007)
BMW 5er E60 Sedan / E61 Touring LCI (2007-2009)
BMW 5er _______
BMW 5er ______
BMW 5er F10 Sedan / F11 Touring Pre-LCI (2010-2014)
BMW 5GT F07 Pre-LCI (2008-2013)
BMW 6er E63 Coupe Pre-LCI (2004-2007)
BMW 6er E63 Coupe LCI (2007-2010)
BMW 6er E64 Convertible Pre-LCI (2004-2007)
BMW 6er E64 Convertible LCI (2007-2010)
BMW 6er F06 Gran Coupe (2012-2017)
BMW 6er F12 Convertible (2012-2017)
BMW 6er F13 Coupe (2012-2017)
BMW 7er F01 Sedan / F02 Touring Pre-LCI (2008-2011)
BMW 7er E65 Sedan / E66 Touring LCI (2006-2008)
BMW X1 E84 SUV (2009-2015)
BMW X3 E83 SUV Pre-LCI (2003-2006)
BMW X3 E83 SUV LCI (2006-2010)
BMW X5 E70 SUV Pre-LCI (2007-2010)
BMW X5 E70 SUV LCI (2011-2013)
BMW X6 E71/E72 SUV (2008-2012)
BMW 1er F20 5 Dr Hatch Pre-LCI (2010-2015)
BMW 1er F21 3 Dr Hatch Pre-LCI (2010-2015)
BMW 5er _____
BMW X3 F25 SUV Pre-LCI (2011-2013)

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